Don’t we all yearn for well-designed rooms to lead a comfortable and elegant living? Don’t we have the desire to have the house we live to be both attractive and completely functional? Yes! We all do. By choosing some excellent choices of designs, materials, accessories the home can be turned into a paradise. SP&A, the leading interior and product designers in Pune, shares various aspects for the aesthetic makeover and functional uplifting of various rooms in your home.

Living room

This is the room where family spends more time together and we receive guests. So it is important to give utmost care in designing the room for a great appearance. The best designing ideas will be provided by the interior designers to suit your requirements and needs. Accent walls, furniture, curtains, throw pillows, paints, wall papers, wall paintings, ceilings, floors, colors, textures, lightings, mirrors, accessories, and rugs are some of the aspects that are considered in living room designs. A perfect style and combination of all these will enhance the whole outlook of the room and one can proudly showcase their living room. For comfortable and cozy living rooms there are numerous options available. The best option is selected by the designers after considering many factors that includes the lifestyle and need of the clients.


Bedroom is the place where a lot of creativity can be shown. Modern, contemporary, cozy, stylish, and luxury are some options that can transform your bedroom into a dreamland. In designing a bedroom, space is never a constraint. With more innovative ideas, space whether it is small or big, space can be utilized effectively. Are you a movie, book or music lover? Bedroom can be designed according to the personal interests of the members of the family. Kid’s bedroom should be given more importance and with many theme based designs available, kids will love to lounge the whole day in their room. Pulling off bold colors, neutral palettes, traditional excellence, gorgeous chandeliers, wall designs that are attention seeking, cool, clean, and minimalist designs are some options to design bedroom for that perfect appearance.


Timeless kitchen cabinet ideas with textured, bold or neutral colors, high gloss cabinets, rustic look cabinets, floating cabinets are some of the latest trends in cabinet ideas. Durable, long-lasting, less maintenance materials for countertops and floors are other interior designing ideas for a kitchen. To make life comfortable and bring sophistication and elegance in appearance of kitchen, customized product designs are designed and deployed by professional interior designers. A combination of functionality without compromising aesthetics is an important factor to be considered before designing a kitchen.


Although bathrooms are widely remodeled to enhance the functionality, space may be a constraint. Hence innovative space saving designs to remove clutters are employed to bring elegance to bathroom. Easy to maintain, durable, space saving items are used to design bathroom. Perfect lighting with right dosage of colors can change the whole look of a bathroom. Extra ordinary designs in faucets, clean lines, incorporation of geometric designs and patterns, exciting bathtub and washbasin can transform the conventional look of bathroom into luxurious one. The designers consider the latest trends, functionality, durability in choosing materials and designs to create an exceptionally good looking bathroom.

Turning dream into reality is quite easy when these designing jobs are assigned to professional and expert interior designers like Sudhir Pawar & Associates, the leading interior designers in Pune.