Many of our clients often get confused on what theme or style they should go in for their interior designs and on most instances, are not aware of the existence of several other designs apart from the usual traditional or classic styles. Nothing wrong with those themes though, but would it not be nice to explore all the options before selecting the one that matches their aspirations? Being one of the most sought after interior designers in Pune, we thought it would be appropriate in explaining few of the popular types that are in recent vogue. Shall we?

  1. Modern:

    Do you love clean lines and simplicity in your ambience? Perhaps modern style of interior designing is the one you should opt for. With crisp and sharp lines, simple hues, and wide usage of materials that include metal, steel and glass in all elements and furniture, this theme is bound to offer a cluster free sleek look.

  1. Industrial:

    Like an ambience of exposed steel and brick walls, and reclaimed wooden elements that reflect the industrial era? Well, industrial style of design can very well complement your wish and bring out the essence you had been yearning for. If you would like to infuse more modern variants, go for few copper elements too.

  1. Contemporary:

    In the first place, modern and contemporary designs should not be confused with each other and they are definitely different entities. Contemporary designs are more fluid in nature and do not conform to a particular style. For instance, in spite of being a part of the present day styles, contemporary designs do have curved lines incorporated in them unlike the modern counterpart.

  1. French:

    How about getting inspiration from French designs that emphasise the inclusion of warm tones of colours, natural stone materials, and ornamental wooden furnishing. If you would like to go for full-fledged designs, then enhance your shopping list with heavy linens and bed spreads for bedrooms and porcelain dishes for your dining room.

  1. Rustic:

    What can be a better way other than rustic style to bring in those old village days of your life? With structural elements and furniture made out of tree logs and jute and lighting with rough and crude details, it is definitely an elegant setup for your farmhouse or vacation homes.

  1. Chic ‘n’ Shabby:

    Confused whether the style denotes chic elements or shabby arrangement? Well, you are not alone and let us explain. Think of a flea market filled with antique pieces in a mint of condition but with a worn out look. Precisely, that is what this theme is all about. With generous usage of soft linens and light shaded colors, it can give the vintage appearance you had been looking for.

  1. Coastal:

    Coastal styles are synonymous with relaxed ambience and are usually paired with light colored accessories, upholsteries, and furniture to reflect the inspiration of sea, coast, and the wind.

  1. Transitional:

    If you would like to be in agreement with both traditional and modern world, perhaps, transitional theme is the best suited one. As the key is to balance the appeal with both these contrasting themes, usually it is done through modern materials that are decorated with traditional aspects.

Well, there are many more styles that can make you inspire and spellbound. If you are looking for an interior designer in Pune for designing your living pad, you have reached the perfect place. Do drop in and see how best we can give shape to your aspirations.