Interior Designers are professionals who transform a place with the help of their creativity and designing skills. It is a profession which combines creativity, technical knowhow and business skills to create brilliant places to stay and work.
An Interior Designer understands his customer’s needs and then develops design solutions that are appealing, functional,efficient,and safe and enhance the quality of working and living environment. The following are the roles and responsibilities of an Interior Designer:
 Meeting clients–It is the prime responsibility of the Interior Designer to meet the client and understand their requirement. Some clients know exactly what they want whereas some look for suggestions and advice with decorating their house. Effective communication skills are needed to understand what the client wants and help him visualize the space with the patterns and colours that you have in mind. It is important to put through the best possible solution in the given circumstances.
 Estimation-An estimate of the time, materials and money involved in completing the project should be sent to the client for approval. Costwise estimation of the amount of materials to be used and the duration and number of labourers involved should be submitted. Once this is done, the actual work starts next.
 Plan the Space- The next step after meeting the client and obtaining approval for the estimation,is to chalk out a plan to design the available space. With the help of design software, it is easy to visualize every inch of the available space and create layouts, match colours, choose the fabric and patterns that would go with the setting. The client can choose from the various options available and can virtually see how the working/living space will look like after the Interior Designing project is completed.
 Selecting Designs and Furnishings- It is the responsibility of the Interior Designer to order furniture, furnishings and other accessories for the place concerned, although the expense is paid by the client. Purchasing furniture that fits the place, ensuring timely delivery and installations are all part of the work. There are some clients who leave it all to the Interior Designer to supervise in which case he has to take care of matching the furniture and furnishings, ensure proper light fittings, and proper placement of other appliances or decorative items.
 Advice and Consultation- It is the duty of the Interior Designer to give advice on the feasibility of a particular design. A famous Interior Designer in Pune says that however beautiful a particular design may be, if it is not practical or conducive to the overall environment, there is no point in going for it. It is this value addition that the Interior Designer gives to the project.
In today’s world, where buildings have flats like matchboxes or houses that merely consist of four walls, the Interior Designer specializes helps in creating a virtual “heaven on earth” while enhancing the quality of life of the dwellers. They ensure their creations are both functional and aesthetically attractive and meet the client’s expectations.