Of late, interior designers are working very hard for the projects that involve interior designing of office space. Surprised why? Clients demand an environment that not only grabs the eye ball of occupants but also radiates positive energy, creates energetic ambience and boosts productivity. As most of the offices are now filled with millennial and in this digital era of cloud computing, major changes to boost creativity inside the office space is not just an option but a norm that needs to be strictly adhered to. Having carried out several projects as a reputed corporate interior designer in Pune, we really know the pulse of present day trends. Let us share them:

Go with Technology:

Perhaps the first aspect that needs to be highlighted as the latest trend in office interior designing is the workspaces that are integrated seamlessly with technology. As most of the office space would be occupied by younger generation in the near future, it is natural to witness office spaces becoming techno savvy. Built in adapters and complete capabilities of multimedia in workspace to encourage telecommuting and remote based work are few smart initiatives that can creative a functional ambience.

Free flowing layout:

As business environments are witnessing constant evolution, it is no wonder office spaces are being designed to allow flexible layouts. For instance, quadrant shaped workspaces are being designed so as to facilitate swift joining of them to form a mini conference table.

Modular furniture:

Again to address the necessity of flexible layouts, it is very crucial to have adaptable furniture in your work space. Hence many offices have started investing in modular designs for conference tables, workbenches, soft seating and even desk pods. By the way, isn’t it apt that they are called as smart furniture?

Bring in Mother Nature:

Although this trend has been in vogue for few years, it has gained more momentum and several corporate houses are creating green space inside their premises. Moreover, many organizations have started using salvaged wood in their offices and contribute heavily in saving trees. Thanks to the biophilic design principles, the living walls and direct extension to outer space have created good positive results in the productivity and delivered psychological benefits to the employees.

Hide the wires:

Having served several corporate houses as interior designer in Pune, we often encounter the request of clients to eliminate cluttered wires from desktops and conference rooms. Truly speaking, a highly functional and aesthetically designed workspace is of no use if it is full of wires, as it easily presents a disorganized look. Hence customized furniture for hiding those wires is being seen as one of the hot selling products in this year.

Forget filing room:

With most of the corporate houses opting for cloud storage, the paper filing and their storage space is slowly vanishing and providing an ample open area for other useful purpose. Many companies have brilliantly used those spaces as a mini conference room or even a recreation room for the employees to chill out during breaks.

Well, as the New Year has just begun, it is the perfect time to go for these design elements to inspire your employees and gain productivity. You can always get in touch with us to know how best your office space can be modified into a comfortable and enjoyable workspace.