Home improvements are always a welcome change that everyone looks forward to. A classic makeover to your existing house gives it a new dimension.Today, interior designers are working towards designing homes thatnot only reflect one’s personality, character and taste but also offer comfort and peace.

Sudhir Pawar, one of the Interior Designers In Pune lists the following as some of the latest trends of home decoration that can prove useful:

Living Room:As the place where we spend most of the time, living room furniture can be soft with embroidered weaves or floral printed furnishings. While choosing furnishings and upholstery, it is important to go for a blend of fabrics that is low in maintenance. The walls can be highlighted with silver leafing, gold foiling and sponging with paints. The current trend is to have 3D wallpapers for the walls of the living room. Sometimes, all you need is just change the position of the furniture in the room and the room gets a new look.

For the Dining Room: Mealtimes are the best time spent with family and friends. There is nothing to beat a plateful of food, a glassful of drink and some good company. The latest trend for the dining room is to go for a mix of designs. For example combining Indian art based crockery with a European themed furniture.Multipurpose furniture are not only chic, they also help in optimum utilisation of the available space. Decorating the table with table mats and bright runners with decorative threads make the dining area look bright.

Kid’s Corner:Children love bright colours and furniture. Thematic wallpapers with their favourite cartoon character or toys are something all children love. Large graphic removable stickers are easy ways of designing the room and can be removed easily when the kid grows.A secret corner for them to hide or a small tent to get away from the elders is good way of allocating and restricting space for mess.Kids need a lot of storage space, to keep their toys, bags, games and other accessories apart from their clothes. Make storage space under the bed, a chest of drawers and couple of shelves at a height accessible by the child. Labelling baskets and boxes will help keep their things in an organised manner.

For the Bedroom:Every couple dreams of a soft and romantic place to spend their personal and cherished moments. Create magic in the bedroom with corner lampshades with fused lighting and bedside lamps. Glamorous bedrooms with exotic themes, vintage furniture and subtle colours (white, blue, grey, light green) enhance the appeal of the bedroom. People go for wooden flooring for the bedroom whereas it is less expensive to put a wall-to-wall carpet and it gives the same effect.

Kitchen: The latest trend is having an open kitchen with an island style counter where you can explore different types of cuisines and enjoy the art of cooking. Kitchens have transformed into spaces where you reconnect with family and friends. Modern kitchen is a modular kitchen with inbuilt appliances like a hob & chimney, microwave oven dishwasher, water purifier and a refrigerator. Adding ceramic tiles behind and around the stove makes cleaning easier. Glass panes on cabinets gives a feeling of space and also helps in displaying designer kitchenware.

Bathroom:It is important to keep the bathroom accessories simple, low maintenance yet aesthetically appealing. Bathrooms must be well ventilated and must have natural light as it will help in keeping the area dry and clean. Italian marbles and tiles with 3D designs are a hot trend these days. There are a section of people who like to embellish their bathrooms with special jewels, coloured lights, whirlpool baths and Bluetooth fitted mirrors and speakers.

Garden:In today’s world it is a luxury to have a garden inside your house. Having a garden, however small it is, gives a fresh look to the house while keeping the air clean. Ensure there is adequate sunlight for the plants. Go for plants that can thrive both with and without sunlight. For example Limonia ,Ferns and Spider. Use of LED and fibre optic lights is the latest trends to enhance the beauty of the garden.