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Hotel interior designer in Pune and other leading metros of the world are experimenting with unique and distinct styles when they make plans for the hospitality sector clients. The demand to offer impressive and soothing ambience to the guests has led to more iconic designs and concepts that are being actively implemented. While competition among the players is, of course, the driving factor for this dynamism in interior design in the hotels & resorts segment, the professionals also have started to employ refined theories and mechanisms; apart from their creative talent which is at the core of any design! The takers are therefore scouting for the best interior designer in Pune to get the resonant décor plan for their banner.

 Artistic architectural plans are in high demand too for hotels and resorts. Architects are developing unique facades and structures that showcase the beauty quotient; while also ensuring the functionality by manipulating the insolation, temperature and daylight attribute positively. Thus not only aesthetic finesse but other vital functions are also being maintained through specific design interventions in building and floor plans. Some of the definitive trends that are in demand these days in hotel architecture and interior designs are as follows –

 Hanging balconies

Leading interior designer Pune platform Pune Maharashtra specialises in hanging balconies as one of their signature concepts for hospitality plans. These are also called as protruding balconies.

 Lifesize windows

Such windows extend up to 6 – 8 feet from the floor and import a grand feeling for the dwellers. These are generally complemented with luxurious velvety curtains in deeper hues of purples and reds or greens.

 High finesse washrooms and bath spaces

Interiors in hotels and homes are increasingly marked by superior fittings that generate a feeling of finesse and grandeur for the user. These days, the bathrooms are being designed with translucent screens and extended spaces for self-pampering.

 Luxurious, impressive interiors through speciality furnishings

High-quality furnishings, like linen, bed sheets and other products of utility and comfort, ensure an immersive living for the guests.

 Personal soak pools and Jacuzzi

According to a leading firm that offers exclusive interiors Pune, Maharashtra, indoor bath pools and Jacuzzi are now necessarily sought in high end and premium suites.