As we all know, that interior designing is an extremely creative and inspiring field. One needs to be tremendously thoughtful and sensitive towards the requirement and actual intention of the client. Not everyone can give his/her best to this artistic and ingenious arena. There are several things that need to be taken into account while designing especially when it comes to the decisions regarding upholsteries, draperies, flooring, furniture, décor items, etc. So, be careful when you choose your designer because if your designer goes wrong, then it will end up in wasting away your time as well as money.

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There are numerous designers in Pune but one of the most prominent and leading interior designers in Pune is Sudhir Pawar and Associates (SP&A). They specialize in this section and are sure to transform your space into a completely new and contemporary one. They are always determined to prepare a proper plan and concentrate on the following points:

They are always innovative to use dark colors will make a room look smaller. Even though there is abundance of natural lighter, the room with a dark shade will have a more boxed-in feel.

They are expert in decorating larger rooms or any room for that matter with a limited amount of natural light can be brightened up by pacing mirrors directly across the windows. They make fantastic use of mirrors to make a small space look larger.

The most important aspect of interior decorating your home is that it should reflect your personality and style. They mix up new and old decors like adding an antique desk next to a modern couch to redefine the looks of your living space and make it look stylish.

They try using hardwood or plain floors are convenient to clean but they do provide the same comfort which a carpeted floor provides. To brighten up the floors of your living space use throw rugs and area rugs. They can add color, texture and personality to your rooms.

They set a theme for your room like something that excites you or the thing which you love the most. They display your favorite picture, tablecloth or a teacup. The rest of your interior design decision will follow accordingly.

They try to feature something but not everything. Make the real feature like a fireplace, a chandelier or a painting stand out. They do not overcrowd the walls or your room with similar stuff making it looks cluttered and disoriented.

Hence, it is always advisable to consult an experienced interior designer like Sudhir Pawar and Associates (SP&A) as it will save your money, time and efforts. Since their know-how lies in understanding and knowing the availability of resources which helps you avoid expensive mistakes.

So, choose astutely and have a HAPPY DÉCOR!!