living room

The first room that gets noticed as one enters a house is the Living Room. It is the room that requires planning and design to have a lasting impression among guests.It is where most people spend much of their time. Whether it is a social get-together or a lazy Sunday morning brunch or watching your favourite show on TV with family, it is the Living room where we spend most of the time.

It is important to first understand what the living room is going to cater to. Is it business or family gatherings? Should comfort be given more importance over style? DO you need furniture with storage or without? Do you have a budget in mind? The answer to all these questions will help in designing the Living Room. 
The interiors for the Living Room can be designed based on the needs and taste of the owner.The time that you spend in planning and designing the ideas will eventually help transform the living room into a welcoming place.Sudhir Pawar, a residential interior designer in Pune lists the following as a summary of the points to be considered while designing the interiors of the Living Room:

Comfort: Comfort must be given priority while designing the interiors of the Living Room. After all, the all expensive and stylish sofa is of no use if it is uncomfortable to sit for a long time. There might be situations where it proves difficult to balance comfort and style. A transitional style focuses on striking this balance. Focus on comfort for the essentials like the couch and the flooring.

Durability: Spending a little more on durability will help in the longer run. The Living Room experiences more traffic than the other rooms. Choosing high quality furniture and furnishings will avoid frequent maintenance.

Focal Point: A focal point in the form of a huge mantel piece or stunning wall hanging can be a great eye catcher when you enter the Living Room.The focal point is where your attention immediately gets drawn when you enter the house.

Maximising space: Maximise the space in the living room with colours that give a spacious feeling. Large oversized furniture can unnecessarily give a cramped feeling to the room. Allow natural light and air to pass through the room. This will not only ensure ventilation but will also give a bright look to the room.

Theme: While decorating the Living Room a single theme can be followed. A combination of furniture, décor, furnishings and artefacts, all following a unified theme will give distinct look to the Living Room.
There is no rulebook that you follow while designing the interiors of your house.Creative people seldom follow a rulebook or a particular set of commands. They explore their imagination, give wings to their dreams and simply follow their mind. A combination of different design styles and a touch of your own taste and needs will make the Living Room a convivial place.