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Workplace productivity has been an important segment in management studies’ matrix since decades and still inspires the thinkers. Concepts like grapevine, ergonomics and biophilia all emerged in response to the need to improve productivity ‘in house’. According to the top interior designers in Pune, the focus on ‘green’ and natural ambiences for the employees has found resonance due to the evident goodness that translates to better work and more accomplishment.  It is not difficult to explain why ‘green’ gains a generic resonance in the human mind. Leading office interior designer in Pune says that corporate spaces are being increasingly developed in shades of natural greens and the basic idea behind this is to boost the overall value for the organization. He traces this trend to biophilia that works deeper in the human mind to create inspirations while soothing the stressful atmosphere that is generally marked by lots of deadlines and immense dynamism. Experts count the following objective derivatives out of biophilic office design and more precisely a green office interior –   
  • Nature has thrived as green and so this colour inspires the human mind!
  The core objective is to import creatively various components of ‘nature green’ in the office space. This can include live plants and also the artificial replicas, green rugs, live walls, use of green shades to paint the interiors and more such concepts.   
  • Employees feel less tired when they work in natural environ
  Green is among the fewer colours that relieve the human mind and lowers the stress. This means more work with enthusiasm, says noted office interior designer in Pune  
  • A space that is inclusive rather than isolated 
  Green office spaces appear to be more inclusive and reduce the feeling of isolation among the employees.   
  • Mind is energized 
  It is a fact that human mind gains more thoughtfulness when abound by a natural environ with lots of greens. This means better creative insights and worthy business ideas.  Include more of green and nature dimension to boost your organizational productivity too!