Designing your home, corporate offices, spas, hotels or any commercial entity to bring out its true colours is as essential as its investment. A well sophisticated and trendy design of a corporate office, hotel, or spas reflects the brand value of the entity. Similarly, a contemporary and aesthetical design of a house reveals the life style quotient. To achieve luxurious and contemporary designs, all possible and minute details from floor to ceiling are considered by designers. Sudhir Pawar & Associates (SP&A), the best interior designer in Pune, designs high end homes for celebrities, business man, and industrialists that are contemporary with luxury oozing out.


Inspiration is the key to any interior designer. As our designs not only ensure luxury and contemporary to match the current trends but also rich of innovations. Our team of designers constantly inspire for ideas that embraces elegance and fuses with advancement in technology to achieve innovative excellence. They give life to these inspirations by their designs.

Exquisite designs

Any contemporary design should be unique as repetition of designs is not desirable for high end projects. As the taste, expectations and the need of the each and every valuable client differ, so are our designs. The final result of the designs should be elegant, pleasant to eyes, bring positive energy in the ambience, and exceed the expectations of the client. For instance, vintage furnishing and contemporary art works are used together profusely for a luxury spa which prefers to have a fusion of past and present as a theme. So the challenging task of being creative and presenting the place with exquisite designs is handled at ease by SP&A, as we work towards complete uniqueness that matches the current trend.

Signature style

The designs should bear a unique seal of an architect. By adapting a unique method of designing, a designer should be able to establish a name among clientele for their style of working. The work will be later represented as a signature style of the designers or architects. Having worked for many luxury project, SP&A‘s signature style is well-known among their high-end clientele.

Accessing products

To achieve the desired finish of luxury, all loose strings should be tightened and no feature should be overlooked, however minute they are. An excuse of non-availability of a material in the local market is a strict ‘NO’ as the stakes are very high for a luxurious project. All sourcing issues shall be suitably addressed with redundant plans to complete a project in the allotted time.

Bespoke accessories and furniture

For luxurious and contemporary projects, usage of off-the shelf products is restricted. So, all accessories and furniture are exclusive and custom-made according to the client’s preferences and needs. We are into exclusive product designing to bring out the elegance and uniqueness.

Design according to the ambience.

For a high end luxury commercial or residential project, location and viewpoints plays a key role. The place may face the mountains, sea, lake, or simply a road. Nevertheless, the interior design should seamlessly fuse with the outer environment and provide ultra comfort.

Interior designers like SP&A in pune, creates out-of-box, bold and daring concepts of designs to match the contemporary style of designing. With their vast experience, in luxury and contemporary designing, introduce their clients to new concepts and clears misconceptions on innovative ideas.