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Reception Area- The First Impression Needs to Be Highly Effective- Make It Happen

Reception area is the first impression you make on your clients, and it is important to make a good first impression.

Clients can gauge how organized and efficient you are from the way they are welcomed. Corporate interior designer in Pune suggests that the reception area must reflect the character of the organization.

One must first choose a theme in alignment with the company’s character for designs because the space cannot be calm you and energize you as well. Office interior designer in Pune advise that deciding which feeling to evoke would be the first step and the rest would follow from here.

Below are listed some ideas on how to make your reception area more impressive.

Warm and Welcoming 

If your organization specializes in personal services, and you would like to create a welcoming vibe in your reception area so that your clients can come and relax, you may want to add some elements of comfort there.

Warm colors and potted plants, lamps would help you make your reception area comfortable and welcoming.


Nature inspired material, minimum clutter help clients to feel calm and focused. This is the most popular choice in spa and salon as they would want to motivate their clients to relax.

Live walls or vertical gardens can help you make your reception are inspire calm and tranquility, and you may want to avoid bright lights.


This is the best option for high luxury brands. Add some drama to every detail, use high quality fabric, and impress your visitors.

Some of the best ways to do this is using dramatic accents, high quality material, and flowers.


Nothing lightens up a place better than flowers. They add beauty and luxury to every place.

Dramatic Accents

Bold patterns and dramatic lighting will add extra glamour to your reception area.

High-Quality Material

Use mahogany reception desk or/and a leather couch; these details would ensure the clients that their requirements will be taken care of to each detail.

You can make your reception area energizing and exciting as well using some bright colors, abstract or pop art, bright lights and plants, and let your reception area speak for your company.