Modern styles of interior designs

Modern styles of interior designs

How often do we plan to design our house, but we wonder what some trending design styles designers use? There are several things that we have to take care of while designing the house, but the most important decision is deciding the theme. There is no single perfect way to design your house. Modern interior style is meant to serve your likings, not to force you into one decision.

Some people find pictures from the internet and try to mimic them, while they should rather be figuring out what style, color, or theme suits their personality. There are various modern styles of interior design used by designers all around the globe. Here’s a sneak-peak at some of these trending design styles.


Originated from the mid-90s, mid-century modern is a simple yet elegant look that focuses on the usability of the furniture. This style is cool, uncluttered, sophisticated, and easy to afford. Midcentury modern interior style home leads to a clean, semiluxurious, and organized lifestyle.

In mid-century modern interior style, strong, bold patterns and fixtures are used with a smooth, natural background. Furniture is soft and generic, and space is kept minimal and functional. 


This is all about knowing the rules and then changing them according to your heart’s desires. This style is just a mixture of all styles, colors, and textures. Electric Chic is all about pouring your heart out rather than using your brain too much.

In Electric Chic, modern interior styles mix different colors, styles, and textures, are used as the common element, and then weave the decor around it. Use bigger items first to utilize the space efficiently and then use smaller items to fill the space up.


This is all about bringing the character out from space. In this modern style of interior design, more focus is given to the architectural elements of the space rather than focusing on the furniture providing a minimalistic lifestyle and history to the surrounding. 

In Industrial Modern interior style, start drawing inspiration from unfinished metals, wood, brick, or plastic. Use high ceiling and low hanging lights, incorporate gaps, and highlight space rather than highlighting furniture. Use fewer shades of color to bring out contrast and crispness in your style, and use minimal pattern and furniture.


Traditional, modern interior style is, and as the name suggests, a mix between the modern and traditional style of interior design. It extracts style from modern style and comfort from traditional. Both styles mix and settle in the middle-ground for traditional, modern style.

In the traditional, modern style of interior design, elements from both modern and traditional styles coexist. For example, you can have grass and greenery in a hall with heavy metal and puffed upholstery, use light, soft pastel colors to make the environment more vibrant, calming, and inviting.


Modern farmhouse style blends the cozy vibrant feel of a farmhouse with a modern contemporary vibe. This is a simple style without bold colors and patterns, an elegant and smooth mixture of contemporary and linear design. Used mostly in farmhouses by families to have some quality time together, hence have a smooth texture.

Use space to create an open living room, then use lines to bring out contrast, use modern furniture along with lines with smooth colours and patterns, naturally inspired, and have your space reclaimed. Use colors like blue and green in light shades together.


Scandinavian is one of the most trending design styles. In this style, white and pastel color pallets are used to bring out nature’s vibrant in the design, on the furniture are used having clean lines.

Create a natural backdrop and incorporate a very light and soothing color palette in lighting and furniture. Make soft installation of less bold colors and curves and have a smooth vibe.

Also, it is important to know that there is no wrong way of designing any interior, and it is all according to your choice, feel, and liking. So, if you are looking for some trending style design, visit us today. We have many more combinations and styles to offer.