modular kitchen

Thinking of remodeling your traditional kitchen into a high-end modular one? Why not. Most Indian
kitchens today are already incorporated some modular elements. Even interior designers in Pune offer
exclusive blends of modular kitchen-based homes to suit their interior themes. It is only natural to opt
for high-end modular kitchen elements due to the functionality, accessibility and aesthetics they add.
Here are four factors you must consider while designing your modular kitchen.

Space Management:
The best characteristic of modular kitchen elements is that they can be rearranged and resized to
optimally fit any size of the kitchen.
However, the key to using your space optimally is to use only the necessary elements that suffice your
cooking needs and are decent enough for your interior theme.
Choose wisely between cabinets and shelves and the type of platform that will allow easy mobility. As a
rule of thumb, relatively small kitchen spaces are best utilised with a single straight platform, while large
kitchens look more grandiose than island kitchens.

Lights & Reflections:
To ensure fresh and active vibes around your modular kitchen, they need to be enlightened by smartly
placed lights and reflective surfaces.
Task lights under cabinets and soft ceiling lights can help you achieve that vibe. Equally important is to
use the right colours and surface finish for the platform and the walls.
Generally, dark granite platforms with a glossy finish are a staple in Indian households, but we’d
recommend selecting bi-coloured light shades for the platform. Choose a colour that best reflects light
while matching the furniture for the walls.

Though the family cooks spend more time in the kitchen, the entire family frequents there for various
reasons. Hence, safety in the kitchen is as vital as in any other room.
Start with safe gas pipings and appropriate placement of flammable items. Prefer curve-edged tables,
trolleys, and cabinets, or install child safety corner guards.
Always remember to set platform and table heights to suit the average height of the family elders, so
everyone can operate them without suffering from back pain.

Venting the kitchen space is essential for two reasons: it prevents food odour and smoke from spreading
in the house and reduces certain health risks for the cook of the house.
Install enough exhausts to regulate air and install an overhead chimney for cooking smoke and odour to
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