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Running Out of Space for Office Design? Here are 4 Tricks you can Create the Illusion!

Does your office look trendy and enough functional? Does your office provide enough room for your employee at work? Are you running out of space for those quiet areas at the office where your clients and employees can have a productive discussion? Does your office offer sufficient space for the employees rejuvenate with themselves? If the answers are NO then this article is written for you.

We, at Sudhir Pawar and Associates, have been helping the corporate world as the best office interior designer in Pune for decades now. We understand the importance of space in the corporate office and are well aware of the fact that how daunting it is to our clients design their office into best productive manner. So, Let us get started with few tricks and tactics you can employ to add more space to your workplace.

1) Multitask your furniture

The office furniture need not be always about a boring desk platform with aligned chairs. Instead, pick multipurpose tables and modular chairs. A bold solid color round table surrounded with differently colored chairs will enlighten the space and make it look more engaging and spacious.

2)  Bring Each Department Together

Our corporate interior designers in Pune suggest allowing the like department employees to work together. Assign a different set of seating arrangements to every single team. This way, you can boost healthy communication between each team member and they need not roam around the office each time the other employee gets a doubt.

3) Create a Work Cafe

This sounds interesting and fun. The office should not be always about professionalism and robotic behavior. Assign a corner of your office as a working café where the employees can get together for lunch and brunch. Also, you can add your own creativity that symbolizes your business ideas and product achievements. This way, you can create a better impression on your clients.

4) Introduce a Hug Work Booth 

The hug work booth is an excellent solution for small offices and our corporate interior designer in Pune suggests twining with some vibrant solid colors (Blue and maroon colors are the stress relievers at the office). You can use these booths if you don’t have space for an extra meeting room.

There are other various ideas and tricks you can apply to make your office space functional and not-so-congested. After all, it is not the size that matters but the design you choose for your corporate works. Contact our officials for more functional suggestions and we will get back to you with more ideas on fun, engaging, and focused atmosphere of an office.