Interior designing not only involves paint, colors, furniture and lights but also the carpets. Carpets create high visual impact and improve the aesthetic look of the room. Carpets are not only suitable for your floor but also for the stairs. It is important to seek a professional’s advice before selecting the carpet, as a wrong choice may end up in the bad performance of the carpet. With the right kind of expert advice from Sudhir Pawar & Associates, it is easy for the home owners to choose right kind of carpets.

Why carpets for floor:

Carpets provide the ultimate soft and comfortable feeling under the feet. This feeling can never be substituted by any other tiles or granites including the Poly vinyl floorings. The sound absorption quality and warmth provided by the carpets are unmatchable. More over it creates a safe environment for toddlers and kids to play.

How to choose the best carpet:

Designs, patterns, shades, and softness with respect to aesthetic value and durability and maintenance cycle are the key parameters that are to be borne in the mind while selecting the carpets. With thousands of combinations of above parameters available, it is true that the task is little tough. A wrong selection of carpet may result in frequent cleaning, wearing out, or even pose health hazards. Our expert advices and suggestions below are sure to solve all your worries and help you to pick the best carpet.


Quality of carpet depends on the density of padding. For long lasting performance, extra cushioning, and support and to survive the wear and tear of daily use, it is important not to compromise on padding. Experts usually select the dense material, either rubber or foam for the carpet according to the usage.

Type of fiber and style

Different type of carpets like Saxony plush, Saxony textured, Berber, patterned pile, print, cut and loop pile, and frieze are available in the market. They are unique in their appearance. It is better to select the type of carpet that suits our needs instead of selecting the one which looks attractive. Even the fibers like wool, nylon, polyester and other materials differ from carpet to carpet. One has to keep in mind about the maintenance frequency, stain resistance, kids, and pet friendly factors before selecting a right type and material of carpet.

Color and patterns

As for as colors and patterns are concerned, varieties of options are available in the market to select from. Personal choices and thematic moods of the room decide the shades. If the carpet needs to be the centre of attraction, then selection of a neutral color would be a bad choice. If the home is stain prone area because of kids or pets, then darker shade carpets are advisable. Also with right shades of carpets, it is possible to make a smaller room look bigger.

Other factors

Cost and maintenance are important factors that are to be reckoned. Though there is a theory that price tag is proportional to material quality, it may not be necessary in all the cases. Sometimes, the cost factor may be more for designs and patterns rather than due to fibers. A carpet should also be selected considering the ability to maintain it. For people with busy schedule, it is wiser to avoid a carpet which requires continuous maintenance. Warranty and replacement are some of the other factors that are to be considered before picking up a right carpet.

It is possible to drastically change the look of the interiors with right choice of carpets. Hence, it is always better to seek advice from professional interior designers in Pune such as Sudhir Pawar and Associates before designing your place with carpets.