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Sometimes, all you need is professional help to revamp your home interiors with few changes to energize the space, add value to the property, and make your house look visually appealing. Sudhir Pawar and Associates are here to help you find the trending bathroom interior design ideas. If you are among those house owners who believe in channeling the modern bathroom designs into your own space, this blog is for you.

Keep reading to find fresh and latest bathroom interior designs that are our professional’s favourite.

1. When Modern Meets Conventional:

A combination of grey and white marble tiles for the bathroom is standard, but you can make it rare by adding a golden touch to it. Gold details on furniture pieces and mirrors instantly uplift the entire look of the bathroom and need less brainstorming.

2. A Practical Design:

If you are more into practical designs rather than luxurious ones, a combination of black and white tiles is perfect for you. Our interior designers are best known for creating designs with a balanced touch of comfort and luxury. A black and white combination might be evergreen, but within days its charm might fade away. Therefore, decorate the walls in white tones and add black & white tiles. Complete the look with furniture in gold or silver details.

3. The Minimalist:

A bathroom is where you take a long shower after a stressful day. It is a place that relaxes your mind and body. Thus, never overdo the space to steal its calmness. A panel of black walls and basin with contrasting silver mirrors and tap is what you need for a beautiful spa session.

4. Marble walls for added luxury:

If you want to create a luxurious look for your bathroom, go straight for white marbles. Marble flooring with beige details and white, in contrast, create more light in the room for added appeal. Finish the entire look with some polished brass details with minimalist furniture line.

4. Contemporary Meet Classic:

An eclectic colour scheme of white and gold with a lush green finish is truly an inspiration and one of the best choice of many clients. The golden washbasin creates a luxurious ambience. Whereas, the charcoal black and metallic finish is pure elegance.

5. Rugs and Curves:

After finalizing the wall colour, tiles, patterns, and furniture, you can complete the entire look with some added accessories such as rugs and patterns. A curvaceous bathtub surrounded with white or beige rugs is perfect for the royal touch.

Sudhir Pawar and Associates is a well-renowned and accomplished interior designer firm in Pune. Our designs are known for comfort, luxury, affordability, and classy. We invite you to visit us for a home interior design that perfectly defines your quality of living.