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Interior designing is a fancy that is lived by all of us; although fewer choose it as their profession! Because of our inherent desire to live in beautiful homes, we continue to engage in manoeuvres towards making our living places more adorable. Leading residential interior designer in Pune has listed these 10 clever tricks for those who want to transform their home for the good! Have a look at them –  
  1. Adopt a wise colour strategy!
  Top home interior designer in Pune counsels for adopting a resonant colour plan. He advocates lighter & sober shades for smaller rooms while bigger rooms can be painted with darker, richer shades.  
  1. Remove clutter
  Try reducing clutter including the lifestyles that invite haphazard management of things in your home. Assign a place for everything and adopt discipline in your living.  
  1. Invite more daylight
  Your house plan should be such so that the maximum amount of daylight enters your rooms. This adds vibrancy to your interiors and everything gets full of life, including colours!  
  1. Greenery inside your rooms
  Even corporate interior designer in Pune & elsewhere are now relying on indoor potted live plants to add value to the spaces. You can also bring in some palms and bamboos.  
  1. Waterfall systems
  Portable waterfall systems are now available in the market. Place one in your living room and live the magical feel.  
  1. Curtains and upholstery makeover
  Give a decent makeover to your curtains and upholstery. Add rich crimsons or blues or any shade of your choice to generate newness this season.  
  1. Indigenous art concepts
  Import traditional carpets and rugs for the floors and your home would adore the exceptional appeal.  
  1. Aquariums add charm and life to your interiors!
  Bring home a grand aquarium with beautiful goldfishes and angels & add a life dimension to your interiors.  
  1. Try modifying your windows
  If you can afford to change your windows then try the life-size types with clear yet reflective glass panes. This will make space grander!  
  1. Never play down the significance of functionality in your home
  Always consider the functional demands of your living while determining the interior designs. This is important for good living asserts top home and corporate interior designer in Pune.