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Living spaces have a special and sacred place in our minds and we always wish to attain a better standard of living. The enormous cost involved in a makeover is the only factor responsible to destroy the idea. Home Designers in Pune have some useful ideas to revamp our living spaces in minimum costs. With the experience of Interior Designers in Pune, latest trends can be followed hassle free with minimum changes done in a low cost.

  • Single main wall to be painted in some eye catchy color to grab all attention rather than applying textured paint throughout the room.

  • Stylish lampshades can be replaced with the plain ones and vice-versa.

  • Micro planning of the room also adds charm and life to it. Photo frames, flowers and stylish coasters are some popular props.

  • Reshaping the entire décor by shifting all movable furniture to new and much desirable places is just another effective tip for transformation.

  • Color of the main entrance door can be matched with the color of carpet and rugs used.

  • Planting some indoor plants near the window in stylish pots and creating some sitting spaces near it is a great idea.

  • Left over carpets can be bought from carpet vendors atthrowaway prices to make new rugs, they actually turn out to be fabulous.

  • Use of aquariums, wind chimes, bandanwaars’s are some conventional makeovers of a traditional Indian home.

  • All the books stacked against a wall are another way of ornamentation and provide a new meaning and look to the home.

  • Creating a storage space away from the home near the garden area keeps the clutter and extra baggage away from the regular living space, thus generating positivity.

  • Adding Feng Shui masterpieces on the tables and corners has always been in trend and pocket friendly too.

Use these basic and classy ideas to give your home a new and trendy look. Create the best ambience in budget by adding your own creativity to it.