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A kitchen is a special place in any home because delicious and favorite foods are cooked here thus ensuring the good living and health for the dwellers. However, kitchen remained a neglected place for centuries and even the functionality was much reduced causing difficulties for the homemaker. The last few decades saw a change in mindset and people began considering the functional finesse and décor for the kitchen place as well. The interior designers started responding towards the demands of the social economy through fine décor concepts for generating improved functionality and aesthetic value. Now people attempting a new home construction emphasize on a better and spacious kitchen which is decorated well to soothe the senses. Many families are also looking to renovate their existing kitchen as per their budgets. Leading residential interior designer in Pune offers fine tips and counsels on how to renovate your kitchen within your budget. Take a look at these concepts-

Rugs and carpets in the central area of kitchen

Hand made rugs and carpets could be a fine artistic addition to your kitchen and you can have them without spending hefty amounts. In India, we have plenty of handloom rugs available at cheaper prices. While these are very colorful, the weave is also very resilient. Most of these are washable so you can use these carpets for years. The notable aspect of these carpets is the art value coupled with simplicity.

Some live indoor plants clustered in corners

Indoor plants like palms and vines have become very popular as a concept of interior décor, especially in the cities and metros. While the live plants offer to soothe the stressed senses, many special varieties are now bred for décor purpose alone and have very pleasing lush green foliage. You can also have the shrubs of bougainvilleas placed inside your kitchen, like near a window and let it bloom all the year long, says residential interior designer in Pune.

A center table with fresh flowers decoration 

If your kitchen is sufficiently big and spacious then place a table in the center. This adds functionality and you can keep your fresh veggies and fruits atop it. The décor component would develop when an enthusiast wishes to develop an art value by beautifully arranging the fresh supplies on it. You can also place fresh flowers from your garden on it at the center.

A mini dining set for two near the window

Put up a mini dining set for two near the window in your kitchen and enjoy as a couple your teas and beverages.

Decor with lighting systems

Put up some glam lighting mechanism in your kitchen like in the cabinet. Under panel consoles are perfect to light up the edges and kitchen tops. Leading interior designers in Pune and other cities are actively using the LED light consoles for kitchen décor.

A fish pot

If you want some live attraction then you can try placing a fish pot with a pair of goldfishes in it. You can enjoy these tiny beautiful creatures while cooking for your loved ones.