Retro And Vintage Home Decor Ideas Of The Decade

By this time, many people want to redo their kitchen and living space after the lockdown ends. These two months of homestay has allowed many of us to carefully view our home décor, utility, designs, and created room for more creative ideas. As per the leading interior designers, in Pune, we can see more vintage options launching in the market. Statement pieces never go out of fashion and find its way among the top trends in every decade. As 2020 starts a new decade, people will love using retro and vintage furniture in moderation to revamp the entire accent of their homes.

Here are a few ideas you can steal to redo your space. For more out of box ideas, feel free to contact Sudhir Pawar and Associates – One of the proclaimed top interior designers known for his versatility and unique craftsmanship.

Floral Wallpaper Designs

Floral wallpaper is the biggest shot for redoing your space. It instantly lifts the feel of a particular corner of the house. Choose bold, large scale prints or metallic color for an extreme look. The wallpaper designs often get out of trend, but if you are so much in love with this innovative idea, choose “stick-on” wallpaper, which you can get rid of any time.

Contrast Colours

Gone are the days when people blindly chose white on top of white with some more white to keep the space look clean and composed. For the fashionable “retro” look, you need some exciting colors such as a black chair with golden fabric or whitish frame, dark-stained wood, mixture of rough and smooth textures, and dramatic large-scale floral wallpaper inspired by the still life paintings.

Pantone Coloured Kitchen

An all-white kitchen sets an uninteresting appearance to the eyes. There is less room for customization and experimentation, whereas a colorful palate will set the right tone with your interiors and furnishings. Aim for bold colors such as dark red, beige, intense green, navy blue, and classic blue for a retro feel with a touch of modernization.

Antique Art Gallery

If you are fond of art and paintings, show it in your interior design. Antique art is the hottest trend of this decade – Artwork that is old, has a story behind and is the most sought-after statement work. The antique art shouldn’t cost you a fortune, it should be very subjective, make you feel happy, and you feel a connection with it. Head towards a thrift store or auctions and pick your collection of fine art and paintings for your home décor.

There is always room for a little renovation in every house that an expert can fulfill. If you are planning to revamp your home, office, or commercial space, give us a call. Sudhir Pawar and Associates will love to use their skills, knowledge, and expertise to design your space that inspires the residents and anyone who sees it. We will love to hear from you. Call us today!