Simple Steps To Set up Your WORK FROM HOME Office 1

The pandemic has confined us in the safety of our homes to contain it. Thanks to technological inclusion for allowing millions of employees to work from the remotest part, from the safety of their home. Comparing to office- culture, working from home has extended into long working hours. So, it has become imperative to have a defined space where you can comfortably accomplish your work.

Sudhir Pawar’s team of office designers in Pune presents to you five simple steps to convert a space into a highly productive workstation.

  • Choose A Place

It is an important decision to choose a place where you want a working setup. We suggest you choose a quiet area. You can settle next to the window,  in front of a wall, or in the center of the room, depending on your choice, but the place should help you to sustain your productivity. This could be your closed balcony, living room corner, or a lounge area in your bedroom. But avoid working on your bed, as you already know that would make you feel.

  • Invest In Good Seating

Ergonomics are seating designs that support the right posture. Sitting in the wrong postures will make you prone to several health disorders. On the contrary, ergonomic chairs and tables are designed to help you sit comfortably without straining any part of your body. The right postures are also associated with enhancing focus and intellect. Use tables that also have better organization options in their setup.

  • The Wall Designs

If you have chosen to set up against the wall, you can surely increase productivity by choosing the right wallpaper or hanging crafts resonating with the right attitude for work. You can choose some powerful quotes or a simple color such as blue or purple to help you stay calm and focused at work.

  • Use Plants

Plants are associated with infusing positive energy in ambiance. A small planter on the setup will help you stay calm and motivated at your work.

  • Supervise The Setup

The setup, of course, has to be supervised. Here are few things to check:

  1. The height of your seat
  2. Wire fittings
  3. Ergonomics chair
  4. Water bottles Or a source close to your setup
  5. High-speed internet close to the setup ( optional)

Mr. Sudhir Pawar & his team of Interior designers in Pune, invest quality time in understanding the needs of their clients and bring out the best fit for the place using their vision. We have already created and crafted a variety of places and made them their best version for remote professionals. Feel free to reach out to us for more innovative tips on setting up your home office space.