Tips to Make Your Office Look Great At Cheap Price

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While focusing on the growth of one’s business, it’s quite easy to overlook the physical office space. Your office space marks the first impression on your clients and visitors, and plays a very significant role in creating an impact. One often feels that spending money on the look of one’s office is not a great […]

6 Interior Design Ideas for Small Indian Homes

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With space constraint and burgeoning population in Indian Metro Cities, the demand for housing is very high but unfortunately most buildings constructed today are of very small sizes. This no doubt provides affordable homes to millions, but the room sizes including the living rooms happen to be very small making it very difficult for the […]

6 Ways You Can Effortlessly Attract Positive Energy at Your Workplace

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We wish our place of work to be bright and filled with positive energy but very few come up with designs and ideas that blocks negative energy and bring joy, happiness, health, and prosperity in life. Similar to Feng Shui, Kanso, and wabi-sabi, Vastu Shastra in India aims at creating a place filled with peace […]