6 Interior Design Ideas for Small Indian Homes

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With space constraint and burgeoning population in Indian Metro Cities, the demand for housing is very high but unfortunately most buildings constructed today are of very small sizes. This no doubt provides affordable homes to millions, but the room sizes including the living rooms happen to be very small making it very difficult for the […]

6 Ways You Can Effortlessly Attract Positive Energy at Your Workplace

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We wish our place of work to be bright and filled with positive energy but very few come up with designs and ideas that blocks negative energy and bring joy, happiness, health, and prosperity in life. Similar to Feng Shui, Kanso, and wabi-sabi, Vastu Shastra in India aims at creating a place filled with peace […]

Leading and Prominent Interior Designer in Pune

As we all know, that interior designing is an extremely creative and inspiring field. One needs to be tremendously thoughtful and sensitive towards the requirement and actual intention of the client. Not everyone can give his/her best to this artistic and ingenious arena. There are several things that need to be taken into account while […]

Accomplished Interior Designer

Colorful walls….delicate corners….suave floors and unique themes…!!!! All these terminologies together give a pleasant and magnificent feeling…don’t they…..??!!! Interior design has nowadays become an integral part of any sort of construction; be it an office room, a reception area, hotels, restaurants or your “home sweet home.” A space without a proper interior décor seems to […]

Sudhir Pawar: Interior Designer in Pune

In continuation with the tradition of creation of an architectural splendor, Sudhir Pawar and Associates one of the best interior designer in Pune are redefining the interiors of apartments, office and other space to make them look unique and a class apart. We at Sudhir Pawar & Associates execute every project passionately in order to […]

Creative And Artistic Interior Designers

Interior design is a profession which is a combination of both art and science and an interior designer needs to combine creativity and innovative designing along with technical skills to liven up any space. Interior designers are considered to be artistic and creative story tellers whose works do not use words but use beautiful decors, […]