Tips to Use Mirrors in Showroom Interior Design

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Placing of mirrors at strategic locations has always played a key role in interior decoration, art and drama. When it comes to interior design, mirrors occupy the best place especially to create eye catching as well as dramatic design views… We at Sudhir Pawar and Associates have plenty of years of experience to our credit […]

Top 5 Awesome Furniture Design Ideas for a Living Room by Top Interior Designers

Your living room defines your personality and plays a vital role in stabilizing your soul. Winding up a hectic day at work, the ambiance of your home should be welcoming enough to reset your mood. Whether you are all about a sophisticated independent woman or a couple who wants both masculinity and feminity added to […]

2018 Office Design Trends to Make Your Workplace and Awesome

2018 Office Design Trends

The millennial businesses not only have to face stiff competition and compete domestically but even globally, hence it has become the need of the hour to design an office space that is not only conducive to the needs of the business but also aids in enhancing the performance of those who work in it. This […]

5 Interior Designing Ideas for the Wall above Your Luxurious Bed

We take great pains to decorate our living room as well as the kitchen but when it comes to the bedroom, we usually hang a painting or artwork here and there and include some type of bed and feel it is done. Most often we feel clueless as to what to do with the empty […]

Renovate your kitchen within your budget

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A kitchen is a special place in any home because delicious and favorite foods are cooked here thus ensuring the good living and health for the dwellers. However, kitchen remained a neglected place for centuries and even the functionality was much reduced causing difficulties for the homemaker. The last few decades saw a change in […]

Contemporary Interior Design tips that you would love to Replicate

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Interior designing has evolved into a noted profession and the demand is continuously rising, especially in the cities and metros where the prosperity index is pretty high and people are spending substantive amounts on home decor!  Leading interior designer in Bibwewadi caters to clients’ fancies and demands through innovative creations that exemplify newness and novelty. […]

Trends in interior designing 2015

The other day I was talking with the architecture trainee graduates and grabbed their attention with my first sentence – “Trends and changes are the key aspects of architecture world, especially the interior designing”. We further had an interactive and fruitful discussion about the trends that are catching up in this industry. As requested by […]

Top 8 Interior Designing Ideas

If you think interior designing is not only about theme matching wall paints, classic art works, imported tables, soothing lamp shades to decorate your home or work space, then you have arrived at the right place. We, Sudhir Pawar and Associates, the best interior designers in Pune, think out of the box to provide innovative […]

The Perfect Look for your Garden/Landscape Design


Have you ever thought what is or what can be the USP of your house; your garden which you can actually project as the most attractive aspect of your house. You can give your garden a fascinating glare with the help of some professional architects.   Here are certain ways which you may undertake to […]