If you believe buying a king-sized sofa, a chandelier, or an antique art craft makes space luxurious, then let us correct you. Luxury does not imply using expensive or lavish stuff but crafting organic designs that suit your living and define the space extraordinarily. 

Here are some basic concepts we apply to create luxury interior designs

  • Understanding Your Taste And Expectations
    Understanding your taste and expectation is the first step in initiating the project. It helps our team design the interior according to your preferences in mind.

    Furthermore, we always welcome your involvement in the project and make changes according to your wishes.

  • Role Of Tech In Your Life
    Technologies have levelled quality of life, and we believe it’s important to keep pace with time. Therefore, we recommend that clients choose smart home designs that incorporate IoT technology to upgrade to smart homes. So, now you can control your A.C, washing machine, fans, lights, and a lot more other devices with remotely controlled phones over cloud networking.

  • Choose The Right Kind Of Texture For the Floor, Wall, and Ceiling
    The definition of luxury interior design is crafting small things intelligently that create an aura of luxury right from the entrance. Choosing the right texture for flooring, walls, and ceiling is very important to give it a desirable, luxurious outlook. We explore more than 100 designs to find the perfect texture for your house. Some most popular wall flooring and wall textures demanded by clients include wooden flooring, accent brick wall, mural ceilings, and statement walls.
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  • Twist Of Taste
    Grandeur does not always pour luxury and class, but skillful designing and apt use of accessories do.
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Instead of using a profuse and lavish chandelier, we have adorned the place with a beautiful spot lamp that also lits cozy corner moments. And we have mixed and matched wall textures in earthen brick and smooth cream shade to bring out a unique yet luxury interior designs.

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Similarly, in this makeover, we have followed the minimalistic approach and swapped the center table that has made the room spacious. We have also used a unique contemporary style chandelier that complements the bright shades of the room and lits up the bright moments.

  • Comfy Furniture

    If you want to find furniture by yourself, we urge you to do that. But many clients request us to exchange their previous newly bought furniture with the right ones. Deluding offers, big furniture, and heavy discounts may loosen the purse strings, but a prudent choice will be your saviour. We always mind preference, space, use, and convenience when choosing furniture for clients.

    Some convertible workstations, wall-stuck tables, kitchen platform-cum-dining hub, sofa cum beds, and 2- in-1 cabinets are the latest trending furniture.

  • Less is More 

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Almost every time we face this challenge ―de-clutter the house. Out of many things in the house, how many do you actually use? Practically, we must keep things we use because excess possessions will add clutter in the house. The above example is a perfect minimalist study setting ushering in luxury with the so-called “less is more”.

Visit our studio in Pune to understand our work closely. We have a strong knowledge-sharing base, a designing and architecture-centric library, and a profound team of designers who will help you in the best budget-friendly ways.