Have you ever thought what is or what can be the USP of your house; your garden which you can actually project as the most attractive aspect of your house. You can give your garden a fascinating glare with the help of some professional architects.

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Here are certain ways which you may undertake to give an ideal look to your landscape:

  • Quite obviously, not everyone has a large area to design a garden landscape and hence I have collected few small home garden designs which everyone can easily afford to maintain. Choose the best containers for your plants and decorate it the way you want.

  • Are you a lover of nature? Then you will definitely love to design a small home garden around your dwelling place. Whether you live in an apartment or a rented flat, these small home gardens can be set up easily and requires less maintenance.

  • You may also try creating a small home garden with a cute looking waterfall made from ceramics. You can add these waterfall designs garden which are available in the market. Go guys, shop for it!!

  • Yes, it’s really hard for everyone to maintain a large spaced garden, but this time you will be happy to have mini garden for your home. There are few people who love garden but they don’t want to take a step when it comes to taking care of their garden. So, try using things which have lesser maintenance efforts.

  • If you want to design a mini home garden using succulents, that’s the best thing you can choose for your home, as succulents require maintenance to a minimum. You just need to water them once in a week and be relaxed throughout.

  • You may use pretty planters and green leafy plants. An easy way to decorate your garden is to use colorful and designer pots or add a small pond to it.

  • If you are planning to design a garden or a landscape for an auditorium, office, guest house or residential plan with a path like this one, go simple with arrangement of plants at the sideways of the path whether the floor is cemented or not. Here is a beautiful representation of my thoughts, wherein there are palm trees along the sideways.

  • In case, you are fond of having number of flower pots but don’t have enough space to design your garden, here is a solution that will make you happy. Get an iron stand to make a perfect arrangement for your garden plants but yes, you need to of it so that it remains rust free for a long time.

  • To make the structure of garden plants look like a pyramid as you can see in the above images, iron stand has semi circular rods which are welded step wise. Hope you got that, else here is a closer and inside view of the stand.

  • If you can’t afford maintaining a huge garden, you can go for a cemented planter with lots of palm plants at the entry gate would look perfect for any space.

So, here is a pretty good collection of designing your landscape. For more, you can consult Sudhir Pawar and Associates (SP&A) who might give your landscape that perfect look that you are waiting for!!