Sudhir Pawar Blog 19 03 19

Colors play a vital role in uplifting a person’s mood instantly. Imagine you being sad and angry, and suddenly a loved one brings you a bouquet of your favorite flowers. The expression of happiness on your face is the impact color has on our lives. So, if you are planning to add joy and positive energy inside your house, bring colors to the interior designs.

We understand if you are not good at choosing colors or unaware of the color wheel, but we do. Our top interior designers in Pune are here to help you understand the various aspects of color and how a color combination can establish the ambiance of your home, instantly.

The Psychology behind Colors

It might have hit your mind several times – Why do we need to add colors to our interior design? Studies have proven that colors help people overcome their stress, sadness, and instantly uplift their mood, such as red increase thought circulation, orange increases the energy and blue comforts us from pain.

However, not all shades of red, orange and blue have the same impact on our state of mind. There are some shades of red which signify danger, strength, power, and determination, but there are also few shades of red that mean joy, romance, and love. Similar goes with blue, orange, purple, green, and yellow.

So, the daunting task here is what to choose and how to choose for positive results? For this, our home interior designer in Pune asks you to stay clear with the following questions:

  • How exactly do you want your space to feel? Do you want a peaceful and calm space or a powerful and intimidating space? Each room has its meaning attached. For example, a kitchen should boost your appetite, a living room should be relaxing and calm, and a bedroom should be cozy and energetic at the same time.
  • How are you going to use the space? Will it be a public place like a living room where your guests might gather? Or will it be private rooms open only for the residents?
  • Are you a fan of natural lighting or prefer artificial lighting source? It is essential because the light source decides how the color might appear. Check the colors in natural light as well as indoors before making any commitment towards them.
  • Do you prefer solid colors or patterns, textures, and bold accents? Accents bring warmth or coolness in the space. They define your ideology towards life and make a room look modern or traditional.

Hire the best interior designer in Pune and discuss your preferences. We make sure our clients receive the best home interior designs that never fail to make an impactful statement to their guests and residents.

Color can make or break a space. It holds power to change the entire look of your home. They also affect the inhabitant’s health, prosperity, state of mind, and eliminate negativity. Contact our experts today or visit us. We promise to help you build a home we all want.