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Why your fiddle leaf fig shed leaves? Know the reason here Live indoor plants are an upbeat idea these days and some species like fiddle leaf fig have emerged the favorites for the enthusiasts. However, plants are living tissues and warrant dedication and care on the part of keeper, who may not be always an expert! And while talking of fiddle leaf fig, many keepers are complaining of leaf fall issue. Experts and top interior designers in Pune have offered insights on what mistakes you could be making with your plant and which are the best solutions.
  • Your fiddle leaf fig plant could be badly positioned!
Leading interior designers in Pune opine that fiddle leaf fig is a species native to hot and humid climates of tropics. If you have nurtured as fancy for this one then be prepared to offer it the similar climate conditions. Keep it away from your air conditioner and try improving your room moisture levels with an air humidifier. Also, avoid keeping your plant in direct sunlight which is not well tolerated by this specie.
  • Your plant is in a state of shock
If you have recently re-planted by buying it from a nursery then your fiddle leaf fig could have entered in a shock state. This may happen due to disturbance of the root ball structure. The plant may require more time to get stabilized in such a situation. Use of bio-activators can help reduce this time.
  • Overwatering has led to leaf fall
Overwatering chokes the root system and your plant cannot breathe well. Try micro watering techniques to keep watering at optimum level.
  • Root rot could be fatal
Roots could get infested with fungus that later spreads to whole plant and causes leaf fall. Overwatering is also cited as a cause of it. Try by carefully re-planting in new soil after removing infected roots.
  • Not enough dedication on your part!
Give time to your plant and observe closely for the problems and causes of them. This dedication can add much goodness and charm to your fiddle leaf fig! By avoiding these five mistakes, your plant will adore the beauty that you aspire for!