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The best things come in small packages. So what if you cannot have a bedroom with an expensive lounge, a fireplace, and enough storage space to keep all your summer and winter essentials. Not every individual gets the luxury of enough space, especially in the metropolitan cities where you have to arrive early somewhere to get enough parking space for your car/bike.

But, these space constraints shouldn’t stop you from designing a dream bedroom. Our interior designer in Pune is here with some amazing tips and tricks you can apply to your bedroom and create an illusion of enough space.


Large Storage Beds


A king-sized bed with built-in storage space is an excellent choice for small space bedrooms. It eliminates the notorious cluttering and virtually removes the room for dressers. Also, a large bed lowered to the ground creates an illusion of more space on the walls. It shifts your eyes from the corners and floors to the ceiling.


Warm-colored Walls

A small bedroom requires more natural light with dark-colored walls to give it a dramatic yet sophisticated space. Personalize a wall with photo frames and dime-lighting lamps so that it drifts everyone’s eyes from the room to the personalized walls.


Built-in Bookcases

If you are a bibliophile and love spending more time on your bed reading books, an open, built-in bookcase will be a life-saver. It will expand the walls and give an appearance of depth.


All-White Colour Palette

All-white colour in a small bedroom space will appear more comprehensive, especially if the room has free access to natural light. Use shades of white colour in your furniture and linens to keep the room airy and fresh.


Large Rug

A large rug covering more than half of your bedroom floor size is a huge investment you make in your interior design. Choose a colour that coordinated with your bed or has some shades of your curtains. It helps to blend every bedroom element as a whole.

Layered Storage

A small bedroom should have more open bedside tables for an airy feel. The details should be simple without being cluttered. Anything that’s clumsy-looking should be hidden inside the closet, cupboards, baskets, or drawers. Leave only some unique and antique looking elements insight to decorate the space.


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