Have you ever wondered why one gets attracted towards a product when compared with another similar one having same functionality and dimensions? The reason is quite simple and it is ‘COLOR’. Ofcourse it is highly psychological and every individual may have their own perspectives or choice. But the bottom line is very clear – color can make or break your concept. With colors’ carrying such a huge caliber, isn’t it necessity to do some extra homework before selecting the right choice of color for your room.

But let us admit it; having been associated as interior designer in Pune for several residential and commercial projects, selection of color is not a cakewalk but can be accomplished with perfect understanding of several factors such as functionality requirement, direction, and size of windows, personal choices, focal points of your room, lighting arrangement and many more. Fret not! To make things simpler for you, we have enlisted few valuable tips to choose right color for your room.

Well, the salient ones are listed above but frankly speaking, the criteria for color selection are quite long. Drop in at our studio and we would love to share it with you. If you are looking for the best residential, commercial and office interior designer in Pune to upgrade your premises, make it convenient to be in touch with us and rest be assured about the realization of your aspiration.