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To create a stunning apartment balcony, you just need to fetch excellent product ideas from top interior designers in Pune. Designing a patio is not limited to installing chairs, tables, and cushions. A little professional help and forethought can make it your personal heaven. The apartment balcony is the most positive corner of your house. It connects you with the world, helps you relax your mind, and make a perfect outdoor oasis.

To create an aesthetically pleasing balcony, we have listed some key points that can help you design a chic outdoor space.

The Flooring

The balcony is an open space. Therefore, you need to choose the right flooring to protect it during heavy rains, hot summer, and cold winter. First of all, the balcony flooring should be 8-10mm lower than the room flooring to prevent rainwater from entering your apartment room. There should be enough slopes made to drain the water and escape water clogging.

Balcony flooring

Textured Walls

In most of the apartments, we get 1-3 walls in the balcony area to create an accent wall. There are limitless options available in the accent wall. You can choose one that suits your taste. We suggest a textured large painting, some wooden frames, and stone cladding, and a vertical garden with some fiber figurines.

Textured wall

The Seating Arrangement

The whole purpose of designing and decorating your balcony space is so that you could sit there and relax after a hectic day. You can create a relaxing seating arrangement by installing a bistro set, deck chairs, foldable chairs, and a lot more. For a DIY setting, old tires can come to the rescue with some colourful cushions and pillows. If you are more into wooden furniture, then add a granite counter as a finishing touch. Depending on the balcony’s size, you can add a foldable table to place drinks and snacks while having family time.

Seating arrangement

The Lights and Ceiling

There are countless options while designing the balcony ceiling. Our residential interior designer in Pune suggest PVC planks, acrylic sheets, wooden planks, and polycarbonate sheets for a transparent and waterproof option. We can set some hanging lights and green lights to highlight the plants and trees in your balcony. Perfect lighting is crucial for an attractive patio, as you spend your evening while sipping a cup of coffee. It instantly lifts your spirit and adds a soothing effect to space.

lights & ceiling

Privacy is Pivotal

Many apartment buildings’ balconies are designed in such a manner that it fails to offer the desired privacy. No problem. You can create your own private space in it. Drape some over-sized curtains. Choose Light colours such as sky blue, white, pink, and orange. Also, select a light-weight fabric for a breathable texture. You can put weight on it by adding a wind-chime, hanging flower pots, or a bird feeder to attract some chirping sounds in the morning and evening.

Private balcony

There are plenty more options to design and decorate your balcony space and make it a small paradise; you can rest in for a while. For such outstanding ideas, you can connect with our expert interior designing team and Sudhir Pawar.