Tips to Have a Jawdropping Home Interior
Home interior designer in Pune

How is it done? Over a cup of coffee. In a one-on-one discussion, our designers seek your input first. Some people like it minimal, some feel comfortable in vibrant spaces. Some keep it old school, and some taste ultra-modern interiors. Designers understand your expectations and create a jaw-dropping design while considering the design basics.

Here are some tips on giving better advice to interior designers.

Be choosy to select colors and fabrics: Colors can add pep and zeal to the room and can influence your mood. Start planning with the colors and figuring out contrast for the painted walls, wallpaper, blinds, furniture, and curtains.

Play with patterns: the most important advice to give when it comes to patterns is to look for multiple patterns. Sticking to one pattern will make the home monotonous. Instead, play with the thickness of the brush the shape of elements and bring out the creativity to have a personal touch to the home.

Interesting Lighting: Bad lighting breaks even the best interior design. Do you want to impress guests with thrilling home interior design? Every experienced designer will ensure to get the lighting right. 

Choose ideal furniture: It is important that furniture is compatible with your need and suits the room’s ambiance. Plus, there should be enough space to move around without banging on the furniture. Our home interior designer in Pune suggests suitable furniture, creating breathing and harmonious space.  

Our home interior designers in Pune assure to include your inputs deliberately into the design’s blueprint. Sudhir Pawar and Associates are highly advanced and experienced in designing residential and commercial interiors. So, f you want to re-invent your home, contact us right away!