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While focusing on the growth of one’s business, it’s quite easy to overlook the physical office space. Your office space marks the first impression on your clients and visitors, and plays a very significant role in creating an impact.

One often feels that spending money on the look of one’s office is not a great investment and will cost a lot, but that is a misconception. According to an office interior designer in Pune, if done wisely, little money can lead to great results.

  1. Clutter Prevention

Every business includes a lot of paperwork, and if kept unorganized can create chaos. A separate shelf for all the papers is not a bad idea; it won’t occupy much space and will keep all the papers in a single place. This would help in saving time in looking for the required document when needed.


  1. Reception Desk

Several new companies are doing away with the reception desk as it occupies a lot of space and money which could be used elsewhere. A corporate interior designer in Pune tells us that reception desk is important only if there are regular visitors. If client visits are infrequent, a reception desk is not required.


  1. Color Scheme

Colors create a powerful impact and support the brand and work. Colours affect emotions and must be taken care of as the team works in that space throughout the day. Creative companies can have warm and bright colors, have an accent wall, can have hues of eye catchy colors; while on the other hand, banks must have somber and subtle shades as they help in building trust. Spending extra money on color schemes is not required. One can choose furniture of that color, and reflect company’s brand with colorful accents staying on budget. One needs to make sure to consider the brand while choosing the colors.


Office space is an important factor in creating an impression clients and visitors. It is the face of your company, and must reflect your goals and ideas. The office space mustn’t overlook what the company intends to do. It is entirely possible to design your office without breaking your bank.