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Placing of mirrors at strategic locations has always played a key role in interior decoration, art and drama. When it comes to interior design, mirrors occupy the best place especially to create eye catching as well as dramatic design views…

We at Sudhir Pawar and Associates have plenty of years of experience to our credit in interior designing. We are one of the leading office interior designers in Pune. We are counted among the top show room interior designers in Pune. You just need to visit our showroom once and we assure you we will fulfil all your interior design needs be it designing a showroom, office or your own house.

As a top interior designer in Pune, we pride in providing you with few useful tips to decorate your home, office and showroom using mirrors in a simple, easy but effective way:

  • Use of Mirror as an Art Piece : To create a lively feel in an otherwise drab plain wall, hang a group of similarly shaped or differently shaped mirrors. You can experiment with the sizes say by going for a large or small mirror. You can even try out new frame colours as it suits your taste or even the wall colour. Hanging mirrors in the wall reflects your character and also acts as an ideal piece of art decor.
  • Perfect focal point Creation : To create the perfect focal point object in an open space, making use of mirror is the ideal thing to do. You can either choose a small sized mirror with big heavy borders or even make use of a large sized mirror. Both look attractive when placed.
  • As a decorative Window in a windowless room : Mirror when used in a windowless room helps to add light. In the place of window, one can make use of mirror, this helps to make the room look bright thus making the environment more lively. Thus placing of mirrors is the perfect choice for a windowless room.
  • As a decorative Piece in Entry way : Placing of mirror in an entry way or foyer can make the area look attractive. It is the best way to decorate the foyer area to welcome friends, relatives and other guests. Most interior designers use mirror as a decorative piece in the entry way to provide a functional look.
  • For creation of a perfect Garden View : Just placing a big sized mirror opposite to the window leading to the garden area can help to create outdoor garden view in indoor garden environment.
  • Expansion of visual space effect : By placing a mirror in a small sized room at a perfect location, an illusion can be created to make the room look bigger.
  • Lightening of Space : By placing mirrors opposite to the windows in a small room, the quantity of natural light coming in the through the window can be increased. The larger the mirror more would be the light as compared to small sized mirrors. Placing of mirrors thus help in doubling the light sources in the room.

We are quite confident that by making use of the above tips, you can brighten up any area be it your home office or showroom.