Decorating one’s living place is an old fancy that is nurtured by humans throughout. We still love to add value to our home through innumerable interventions that are propelled by money or creativity or both. The custom decor concepts make the home really adorable place where we find solace! While the enthusiasts remain busy always with their ideas of worth, the home décor services have also found demand and the professionals offer dedicated interventions to satisfy their clients seeking unique and appealing home interior design!

Leading residential interior designer in Pune city caters to the seekers through beautiful ideas that are exceptional and offer to make one’s home a charming place to behold and live. Here are the 10 decent ideas of home décor to experiment with from the desk of the celebrated interior designer in Pune. Have a look –

  1. Live plants serve as the value assured concept!

Bring in some potted palms that add elegance and greenery to the ambiance. The foliage and the deep green hue of the palms like woodsonia, is perfect and therefore these are best suited for indoor plants.

  1. Décor lighting

Make some lighting interventions through the white or warm white LED downlights that fill up the space brightly at night. In fact, these can really transform the room and increase the décor value significantly.

  1. Fish aquariums are like exotic attractions

Ornamental fishes are genre live icons that catch the attention of everyone. We are all mesmerized by the beautiful goldfishes, angels and spotted carps.

  1. Designer painting options for living room and bedroom

These days, lots of designer interior painting options are available. You can choose to paint the walls in a fancied style to give it a new decorative look and feel.

  1. Water screen concept in living area

According to leading interior designer in Pune, water screen systems are made with glass panels that may be erected vertical or slanting. Water flows on the glass through motor mechanisms and a lively feel is developed at the place.

  1. A wall reserved for photo frames

Choose a wall and decorate it with picture frames. Place the photos that you love the most. These can be your loved ones or arts of your likes.

  1. Ceramics artwork on the wall

Get ceramics art done on one of the walls in the house. This will be a unique attraction!

  1. Fragrant waterfall

Portable waterfall systems are available. Fragrant ones have thermostat fitted and offer chosen odors as per one’s taste, says the best residential interior designer in Pune.

  1. Wind chimes

Hang few wooden or earthen wind chimes at the windows and in hallways. These will generate melodious music.

  1. Miniature train set

Import a miniature train in your home. These are unique concepts and almost designed as true replicas. You can place them on your dinner table also!

Find the resonant ideas from the above list and get going enthusiastically! You can also customize them as per your likes and fancies!