Your living room defines your personality and plays a vital role in stabilizing your soul. Winding up a hectic day at work, the ambiance of your home should be welcoming enough to reset your mood. Whether you are all about a sophisticated independent woman or a couple who wants both masculinity and feminity added to their home, our interior designers in Pune will help you create a home that energizes your soul.

A living room is not just about a cozy sofa or some stuffed toys piled up on the shelf. A perfectly matched furniture, upholstery, curtains, rugs, and shelves are what it takes to build your entrance room to get your guests to fall in love at first sight. We, at Sudhir Pawar, takes pride in being the top interior designer in Pune and are here to make your accommodation feel like a home away from home.

1) Let your furniture multitask

A multitasking sofa into a custom made sofa-bed can be a live saver if your living room is running out of space and it is certainly a “Yes” if you own a large space. Pile up a warm blanket you can snip into and chill. A parallel book shelve leveled up with the height of your sofa is perfect for a lazy monsoon evening or a rainy night. Twirl down few hanging lamps to set the mood.

2) Blue and White combination is a half job done

Both the symbol of stability, confidence, and peace is a must add-on to your living room. Play with the curtains and background wall paintings or vice versa. A set of comfy white sofas accompanied with blue pearl draping curtains for a summer sun making its way through the wide window is just the sense of positivity a home demands.

3) Lots of colors always work

For those who love vibrant colors in their life can add more pinks, yellows, and red to there living room. Try these colors on your sofa cushion or the upholsteries. An antique colorful vase placed at the corner of your room silently drag your guest’s attention towards your living room. When you are running out of budget and ideas, a desi-style always helps in making a comeback.

4) Mirrors and mirror work

The interior designers in Pune always keep mirror artwork handy for any occasion, professional design, and home decor. Mirrors have a very unique role to play in someone’s life. It helps in releasing the anger emotion and replace it with a pleasing smile. Try installing some mirror crafted wall clocks, shimmers, or a mirror crafted showpiece.

5) Wooden Furniture for that vacation home feeling

A cozy room with wooden artificial walls match-making with your center table and lamp or a wooden crafted upholstery leave no space for add-ons if you don’t want your living room to look all stuffed-up.