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Most home owners including few interior designers while designing and decorating a home end up laying greater emphasis on the colour of the walls, furniture, upholstery and show items but completely ignore an important item namely , curtains.

Curtains are an extremely important aspect while designing a home. Curtains if well chosen actually add more beauty and aesthetics to a room. But the same if not selected properly can in fact spoil the look of a well done room.

Curtains play the role of more than a window covering. Also a very cost effective decorative item, if properly chosen curtains can help make a room look quite fabulous. On the contrary an ill fitted or wrong choice of curtains in the form of poor colour or design selection would end up making the room look dull and incomplete.

With a wide variety of options available in the market, it can be quite tough and even tricky to choose the right curtains for your home. As one of the top interior designers in Pune , we at believe in educating our consumers by providing few tricks and tips to choose the right and perfect curtains for their homes.

Identify the room type:

First and foremost identify the room for which you are planning to buy new curtains as no two rooms are the same. Try to consider each room separately by asking few basic questions such as

  • Does the room get enough natural sunlight?
  • Do you prefer natural sunlight or whether you want to black out or filter the same?
  • Whether the room needs privacy ( in case the room faces the main road or another building)
  • Whether the room is in need of temperature control or added insulation?

If you tend to stay in a big city like Pune and do not have time to look into the varied details mentioned above or even if you do not possess enough knowledge about the above matters, you need not panic, you can approach a good interior designer in Pune who would be more than willing to help you by suggesting you with the right choices.

Understand the functionality:

Prior to the purchase of curtains, it helps to take into account the functionality issues such as are you buying the curtains to brighten up the room, whether you prefer the curtains to hang from the ceiling or just from the architrave. The height of the curtains that you would like to maintain say for instance, just above the floor level or to puddle on the floor to provide a more romantic look or feel. Approaching a best interior designer in Pune in case you are a resident of Pune would definitely help.

Try to Stick to the Theme:

In case you have designed and decorated each room of the house based on a different theme, it helps to choose curtains accordingly. Usually home owners end up committing the mistake of choosing the same pattern, textures and colour of curtains for all the rooms. No doubt, it would help to save cost and effort, but it makes all the room look monotonous and dull. Try to experiment with patterns, shapes and texture and you are sure to win accolades from friends and relatives.

Choose the Right Fabric:

The curtain cloths today are available in a wide range of variety and colours. Hence while choosing a fabric the emphasis should not be on beauty alone. You have to ensure that the curtains you choose meet the important function of providing you with privacy. But that does not mean you have to compromise on the views of the surroundings. Though sheer curtains would aid in allowing the light in, they would not provide you with privacy. Choose curtains that are made of thick fabric and solid weave that would provide you with good privacy. In fact going for both types of curtains would enable you to enjoy the view you need along with blacking out your windows when you need privacy.

Custom Made or Ready Made:

Readymade curtains are best when you are on the lookout for an instant fix. They are tailor made to a few different sizes, colours, fabrics and are ready to hang. But the biggest problem with readymade curtains is that they may not fail to meet your requirements or expectations and may even not fit your curtains properly.

On the contrary with custom made curtains you can tailor make the curtains to your exact measurements, wants as well as needs. You also get to select from a wide range of colours, fabrics and different header styles.

We are sure with the help of above tips; you can choose the perfect curtains for your home as the information provided above would guide you to narrow down your decision to make the right choice.