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It is always very exciting as well as puzzling to furnish and decorate your house from scratch, especially if it is your first house. Well, we have got certain tips for you to make your house reflect your character and become a home to you.

Choose the Paint

Best interior designer in Pune says that it is best, to begin with, paint. It is much easier to paint an empty house than a furnished one as there would be no hassle of shifting furniture or covering it.

Choose a Bed 

If you are starting from scratch, choosing a bed after painting should be your priority. It is better to choose a classic style of bed instead of choosing one that may seem trendy at the moment but will feel obsolete after a few years.

Choose a Sofa

Investing in a good sofa will definitely yield good results. It would be the most important thing of your living room, anchoring it, and hence investing in a good sofa is extremely important. Explore your options before making a decision, and consider the dimensions according to the space of your living room. Before taking any decision, consider all the things that you are going to use your sofa for, and make sure that it serves all the requirements. Consider all the possible options and then make an informed decision.

Choose Rugs

A good rug would not only make the place feel warm and cosy, but it would also work wonders in adding texture and personality to your house. Order rugs in custom dimensions to fit your space perfectly, and let it do wonders to the character of your house.

Invest in Lightings

Lighting is one area people hardly invest money in or consider seriously, but it is an extremely important investment while furnishing your house. Residential interior designer in Pune suggests using some overhead and wall lighting once you are done with other things. Overhead lights create a wonderful visual impact. Lamps are also an important accessory for the house to keep beside beds and sofas.

Choose Textiles

Invest in table covers and cushions and pillows, stick to a theme so that the overall energy matches. This may take some time and experiments, but once you achieve the final look, the result would be rewarding.