Home is a place where the heart is. Everyone dreams of a home where they can sit back and relax after a long day’s work. The definition of a beautiful home has evolved over the years. Nowadays people hire professionals for designing their home. They want their homes to reflect their personality, display their status and give them the feel of comfort.

Interior Designers are going out of their way to make their clients’ home a “dream home”. According to Sudhir Pawar, a renowned interior designer in Pune, the following are the top designing rules that you must follow for a beautiful home:

Personality:Homes need to reflect the personality of the people living in it. Every room has a mood or personality. For example, while designing the house of a musician, you can add pictures of musical instruments in the living room; make furniture that look like some instruments and have musical lighting in the room.

Lighting:Lighting plays a very important role in enhancing the beauty of a room. You can give a soft yet dramatic effect to your room by using spotlights and lampshades of different designs and shapes.Designers often suggest complicated lightings with huge chandeliers, down lights and pendant lights that often spoil the beauty. The rule here is “Simplicity is the best”.

Feature Wall:The trend these days is to have a feature wall that you can highlight with the help of a contrasting colour or a texture painting or highlighting colour. Choose bold colours as you would want the feature wall to stand out from the rest.

De-Clutter:No matter how well you design your house, it is important not to overdo it. Avoid cluttering the house with too much of furniture or artefacts or showpieces. Organise the shelves by stacking the books, photo frames and display pieces separately.

Planning &Details:Planning each and every room and taking care of every minute details is very important as it is through this that your home will stand out among the rest. For example things that we need every day, if they are designed well and kept in a proper place, they will be easily accessible at the same time make the place look neat and good.

A Mix of Old and New:Buying everything new in order to maintain uniformity in colour and design is a good idea but not completely necessary. To get the picture perfect look, you will end up burning a hole in your pocket. This can be compromised with a much more homely look.Go for a mix ’n’ match of old and new so that it gives a feeling being “originally yours”.

Dark Colours:It is the general belief that painting the wall white gives a feeling of space. While it might be true, it can also leave the rooms looking dull.The current trend is the use of dark bold colours. However, they are teamed with a lot of bright lighting and light coloured frames or huge mirrors to give a spacious feeling.

Reinvent and Reuse:Going for a total makeover of the house with new furniture and furnishings will cost a lot of money. The current trend in interior designing is to use some old things and give it a new fresh look and use it in your “new” home. You can reinvent unused items in your house and it gives it a new looks and reuses it.

Avoid huge furniture:Huge sofas andcorner chairs are a rage these days. Go for furniture that would fit and leave enough moving space after being installed. A large couch in a not so large room will be a misfit.

First Impression:They say that the first impression is the best impression. Revamp your entrance, front door and hallways with beautiful carpentry, tiles and some good lighting. A beautifully painted door, a glittering chandelier in the hallway,a swanky patio is the perfect example of a neighbour’s envy and owner’s pride.