The stylish year 2015 has long gone by. But, the imagination that something better could top it, is still fresh in the minds many interior designer in Pune. If we are to believe the predictions of many industry experts, 8 biggest trends are here to offer the sector a much awaited facelift. True, the market players are definitely in for a real treat in 2016. Premium homes are always evolving. To get an insight into what’s in vogue; we need not look beyond the movements within its four walls. With this aim in mind, we dug deep into the latest trends, sifting through our discussions with prominent vendors and interior designers. They helped us find the most dominant strategies, ideas and materials that would get commercialized in 2016.


Tailor Made Interiors


2015 witnessed a slew of e-Retail furniture companies’ lure their buyers by offering them the ability to personalize and order furniture online to suit their taste. Buyers can customize online order according to their specifications. Interior designers in Pune are of the faith, the trend is ready to continue into this year as new online stores establish themselves and widen their reach.


Wane, Brass & Gold Take a Centerstage


While last year saw more of copper, interior designers in Pune predict that brass, wane and gold would become the metal of the moment. These chosen metallics are known to warm up every single space. Their reflective surfaces further tend to bounce back the light around your room. Moreover, some well – selected pieces such as accents will build a glamorous as well as affluent ambiance irrespective of an individual style. Try investing in few gold and brass metal tray, light fittings or brushed wane hardware.


Shift towards Richer and Warmer Shades Becomes Prominent


Interiors designers in Pune say 2016 would be a year of richer and warmer shades. Thus, most inspiration would be taken from the yester years with an introduction to voguish colour pallets. These hues would be mainly inspired by aesthetic Georgian blues and Victorian blood reds. This year we would continue to observe signature wallpaper and textile designs greatly influenced by tropical regions. Homeowner can also consider buying palm and pineapple tree prints in navy blue and gold. This would create a classic and exotic ambience.


Quilt – like Patterns Make a Comeback


There has been a dramatic shift towards the application of both quilt inspired and geometric pattern especially in the floor and wall tiles. These tiles are available across an array of mediums from painted vinyl, ceramics cement tiles and more. Whether one finds white and jet black or rendered in complete spectrum of tones interesting, these floors and walls will certainly make a mark, this year.


Flirt with Simplicity in 2016           

Interior designers in Pune reveal that homeowners would be bold enough, when it comes to keeping it simple as well as natural materials. Uncluttered areas, handicraft and preserving the basics would excite the owners more. In an arena of excess –consumption and paramount quality over just quantity, 2016 offers a chance for transformation. They industry would thrive on this over many years to come.


Bathrooms Get a Remarkable Makeover

The interesting transformation, however, is that the modern homes has finally gained an air space. Bathrooms have converted itself into a hideaway or relaxation space. This area would be adorned with benches as well as seats. For those wondering why make a big deal about, bathroom is now seen as an intimate corner with functional setting. Many love listening to their favourite track, read a novel and simply relax in it.

Natural Material Are Ready To Strike a Balance

The theme projects in 2016 would be filled with organic and natural materials. For instance you would notice the marble and cork coatings make a great comeback. Interior designers in Pune reveal other materials including stone, wood and concretes too will be observed boasting of their timeless presence. Furniture inspired by night and day, river and stream, waterfall and more stays popular this year. This assessment of what “Mother Nature” has to bestow and its everlasting impact in the interiors would be visible also in the application of bonsai and lawn elements in the house.

Clever Usage of Space

The minimalistic usage of space and intelligent arrangements would add to the dynamic lifestyle in 2016. For instance you may consider hiding your kitchen behind an open additional area for fun or simply pop it out when required. Nowadays homeowners are shifting towards compact models whose flexible aesthetics enable users to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life. Experimenting with optical illusion in areas including bathroom, kitchen etc. applying wallpapers, tiles or even green walls are set to add charm this year.

So in conclude, it won’t be wrong to say that all these transformations in interior design would bring owners closer to a highly sophisticated, softer and well-balanced ambience to inhabit where the hues are interesting, flirty and artistic. Where the elements are subtle, natural and small details are functional, strong presence of innovation brings home close to art and serenity.