The other day I was talking with the architecture trainee graduates and grabbed their attention with my first sentence – “Trends and changes are the key aspects of architecture world, especially the interior designing”. We further had an interactive and fruitful discussion about the trends that are catching up in this industry. As requested by them, I elaborated about the 2015 trends in corporate, residential, landscape, hotel and salon & spa interior designs. For the benefit of my clients, the essence and salient features of the interactive session pertaining to trends of 2015 are presented below:

Corporate Interiors:

The biggest change that has happened in the corporate sector is to give away the cubicle spaces for workstations and replace it with open, community type large spaces that can be transformed for multipurpose usage. This has enabled the work to easily blend with fun and has completely transformed the way work was done and what more, it has increased the productivity.

Q) Then, do they conduct meetings in these large open halls?

No, the meetings are conducted in conference rooms, as various strategic decisions are to be taken. But for small meetings, provision of an enclosed videoconferencing spaces are definitely trending hot.

Q) Is it true, that corporate are introducing specially designed recreation rooms for their employees?

Yes, although this trend was gaining popularity during last year, it has rightly peaked in 2015. Large TV Panels with softly curved and organic shaped recliners, interesting floor space with decorating colour schemes and lush carpets are a big hit. Pool tables and softly lit corner spaces for relaxation are also being introduced for the comfort. This is a win-win situation for both the employees and the management.

Another big trend that is fast catching up with corporate is the infusion of abstract geometric print seating arrangements and textured geometric wall coverings with colour schemes and designs that echo the theme of the brand or the product they produce.

Q) How technology is being wisely used in the corporate space?

It is true that technology has completely redefined the way communication methodologies and has become the integral part of a corporate office. As mentioned earlier, the communication and mini conferencing facilities have been transformed into wireless integrated systems with built-in presentation systems. In short, the corner space of the office has never been used as wisely as this.

Residential interiors:

Home décor was full of subtle shades in 2014 and it has gone for a spin and complete transformation in 2015. In fact, the change has been so drastic in all spheres of residential interior designs. The verdict as far as shades is clear and out. It is bright and bold with ultra stylish features.

Q) What are the colours that are trending now in 2015?

The colour palettes evolve each year and now it is bluish indigo, copper orange, vineyard green and deep red. These colours splashed across the walls create unexpected but highly innovative style and become the perfect back ground. Again the days of minimal textures are gone and stencils are now being widely used. Printed wall papers, have again started making rounds, and are being wisely used to change the dull atmosphere into a vivid space.

Q) Which designs of wall papers are hot?

Be it photographic or geometric or asymmetric designs, anything in wall papers have become talk of the town. The present concept or trend is to produce the vintage effect of the 70’s.

Q) Are there any trend setting furniture and floorings for the year 2015?

Of course, the demand for raw textured upholstery furniture is gaining and creating waves in the interior design. Wooden floorings are still ruling the floor space. Even for the budget conscious customers, faux wooden floor tiles have become a real substitute. And lastly, the marble flooring has lost its luster and given its way to dark shades of granite, that are very easy to maintain.

Another aspect of the flooring that is still being appreciated is rugs and carpets – but not the usual good old stitched ones. The ‘in thing’ in the interior industry is to have grass rugs, and multi layered floral or optical illusion carpets.

Q) That’s interesting, but what about the fixtures and other features?

Gone are the days of bright chrome plated or stainless steel fixtures. Nowadays, it is a trend to use bold colours or with golden finish. Copper has made its presence this year. Hanging fixtures, artifacts, vases, pots dangling from the wall or any show piece made out of copper has gained immense popularity to infuse the vintage personality.

The surprise trend entrant of this year is definitely the fireplaces and fire pits. It may be real or faux, but it definitely being used to create the togetherness feeling. The latest models of fire pits with compact designs and efficient venting system are definitely seeing more takers.

The latest buzz word in the residential interior design is:


If 2014 was the year of steel, concrete and wood, then the design interiors have moved onto bamboo in 2015. The greatness of bamboo is that it is absolutely natural and extremely strong. In addition to the fact of infusing elegance to the landscapes, this also reduces the carbon footprint. In continuation of 2015, this year also the interior designers are having busy days with more emphasis on outdoor living design that provides seamless integration of outside and inside space. Some of the key trends in outdoor spacing are:

Q) Is it true that natural lighting is gaining popularity?

Absolutely, designers have started to stretch the sun’s capacity and derive the maximum solar power. The focus of every interior designer is basically concentrated on to comfortably distribute the natural light and heat without disturbing the aesthetics. The solar panels are being tactically placed on the roof tops to double as sun shades. Angular roofs and canopies are still ruling the world to give clear cut view of the surroundings.

Q) What about the unwinding or open yard relaxation concept?

Gone are the days of meditation rooms inside the house. With stressful jobs, every person likes to unwind and relax by neatly blending with the nature. Bathtubs are specially designed as open yard spas to experience the power of nature. Also meditation and yoga corner beneath the tree are also being designed as the part of landscaping to provide comfort to the inmates. What more open yard massaging and relaxation decks with soft cut boulders as seats are really picking up fast.

Q) What about the gardening trends of 2015?

This is the area that evolves day by day with nature having plenty to offer. A few rage things of this year are

Hotel interiors:

Akin to the corporate interiors, it is the theme that rules the hotel interiors. For instance, if ‘dark secrets’ is the theme of a bar, considering the trends of 2015, a wise interior designer would provide dark ceiling and walls with cove or indirect lights to change as per the mood.

Q) What are the other 2015 trends of hospitality interiors?

This year several interior designers have attempted to blend nature with the hotel and have created some of the marvelous ideas. Decorations in stone, wood paneled rooms, artificial indoor waterfalls have been incorporated in some of the famous staying places and these have definitely surprised the guests.

The main motto of the hotel industry is to make the guest feel at home. Hence a new trend of providing customized rooms has also begun. The luxury hotel industry has continued to make important strides for consolidating their position in being trend savvy. To provide sheer luxury to the customers, trendy carpets, curtains, fireplaces in the rooms, additional sofas near the king size beds, creative offices for corporate guests are being incorporated.

To strike and steal the heart of the customers with first sight, entrance lobbies are being revamped as one of the modern 2015 trends. The rusty and congested ambience is being replaced with open but multi utility space to facilitate informal conversations, working on tablets and laptops.

Q) What are latest trends in eco-hotels?

In order to provide sustainability and to reduce the overhead costs, the hoteliers have introduced several interesting interior design changes that are quite nature friendly. They are simple but efficient ideas like

Salon & Spa interior:

One of the demanding jobs for an architect is to do the interior designs for a salon & spa. It is not that it requires high tech details or information to do this designing. But the real challenge lies in clearly bridging the ancient and modern features, or in providing classic looks with modern contemporary features. For instance, the lighting should be dim and soothing but sufficient enough to provide clear visibility. Moreover, as the spas are essentially to relax and de stress, so special care should be provided in the interior designing to render mind calming effects.

Q) If it so challenging, whether the 2015 trends of salon & spa has made the job tougher?

Yes, but for an interior designer, tougher the challenges, more is the pleasure. The latest trends in Salon & Spa include:

Q) How different are these trends when compared with the earlier years?

The themes have constantly changed for the interiors of spa & salon. As mentioned earlier, it is not the changes, but the challenge lies in bringing the full fledged features in a limited area.

Having discussed about all the trends and transformations that have occurred in the year 2015, on behalf of Sudhir Pawar & Associates, one of the leading architects in Pune, suggested to look out for various technical advancements that can be incorporated to bring out the best of interior designing.