Our company, Sudhir Pawar and Associates is one of the leading landscape interior designer in Pune and we provide a wide range of solutions varying from landscape designing, consultancy and also landscape construction.

One of the most effective ways to make your landscape ad surroundings look beautiful is by hiring a landscape designer. So many people think if it is necessary to hire a landscape designer. Here are a few reasons why you should hire one. These include:

  1. They have a wide range of ideas: most landscapers know how to do their jobs and professional landscapers know how to produce ides that would actually work and is actually suitable according to the client’s tastes. Most experienced professionals know which ides work which won’t and according to these factors they would produce a satisfactory result.


  1. They know how to avoid common mistakes: professional landscapers know how to avoid mistakes and pitfalls thus preventing loss of time and saving a lot of money of the client. Having knowledge about the various error that homeowners make while trying landscaping by themselves and this enables landscapers to produce good results which is within the set budget.


  1. They know how to personalise your landscape: many landscapers will help you design a perfect landscape that not only meets your tastes and requirements but also adds your personal touch to it thus making it your own personal haven.


  1. They work with the climate: professional landscapers know how to produce a good landscape design that is suitable with the climate of the region. Since they have years of experience, they know how well different landscapes go well with different climates. They will also have ideas on how to incorporate the weather in their designs thus making it easier for you to maintain and take care of the finished product.


  1. They provide an all round service: landscapers are not only limited to designing landscapes. According to the needs o f the client they offer a wide range of services associated with the landscape .these services include landscape architecture, constructing pools and spas, creating outdoor lounges and outdoor kitchens, installing fireplaces and fire pits and so on.


  1. They provide electrical and lighting solutions: many landscape designers are knowledgeable about various lightings suitable for outdoor purposes and they help to install these lights by following the necessary safety precautions and proper electrical wiring.


  1. They also install water works and outdoor features: many landscape designers know how to incorporate various water features such as ponds, pools, spas and Jacuzzis into the landscape at an affordable price. Similarly, they also help to install outdoor kitchens, patios and outdoor lounges that meet the requirements of the client.


We, at Sudhir Pawar and Associates are determined to make your surroundings look beautiful by transforming the ides of our clients and customers into reality. We care about how your house and its surroundings look. We have a team of creative help that would do the job for you at an affordable price range. This is why we are one of the most reputed interior designer in Pune.